RG-KS Series
Magnetic system for threaded bushes, threaded adapter VK08 with 8 mm
outer square and washer disc, thread sizes VK08 from M10 to M42.
Please order all threaded adapters separately. Example for ordering:
RG-190KS with adapterfor M12
round magnetic system and adapter are listed
separately, please note:

  • Magnet: article no. RG-190KS
  • Adapter: article no. VK08-M12KS

Threaded adapters
Thread sizes M10 to M42
Example: VK08-M12KS

Adhesion 105 to 190 kp

sku height (mm) diameter (mm) drilling (mm) adhesive force (kp) material thickness of scarf skin (mm) thread adapter VK08 adapter mounting
RG-105KS 15,0 55,0 21,0 105,0 10,0 M10 bis M24 Klemmscheibe
RG-190KS 15,0 70,0 21,0 190,0 10,0 M12 bis M24 Klemmscheibe