BR-Box SKF Series

Adhesion 350 to 2500 kp Special version up to 3700 kp

Switchable high-performance magnetic box made from steel sheeting (VA possible) with 2 bushings M16, universally applicable with adaptable accessories like screw-on angles, universally adjustable ...

BR-Box BRL Series

BR-Box BRL Series Switchable high-performance magnetic system with cross bar for wooden and steel formwork with supporting angles or weld-on supports with grooves. Standard design ...

Adhesion 450 to 1800 kp

BR-Box UP Series

BR-Box UP Series High-performance magnetic system to be welded into existing formwork, incl. spring steel, distancer and activating knob. The weld-on steel sheet will be adjusted ...

Adhesion 450 to 2500 kp

BR-Box SKF Series

Application examples for BR-Box SKF with screw-on angle,lengthwise, for wooden formwork

Accessories, application examples

BR-Box BRL Series

BR-Box BRL integrated into wooden formwork Screw-on angle for wooden formwork 90° screw-on angle for wooden formwork. Weld-on supports for steel formwork

Application examples