This bar magnet has been particularly designed to be inserted into
U-shaped side and cross shuttering systems in the production of slabs.
If desired the head side can be worked with a 45° tapering, the adhesive
side is smoothed. The open version is also available with screw-on alucaps
for both front-faces. The magnet is released with a separate release
1. MLU-0300 to MLU-0550
  • MLU, soft-plastic magnetic material
  • Open design
  • Application temperature max. 60°C

2. MLU-0750 and MLU-1000
  • MLU, rare earth magnets
  • Open design
  • Application temperature standard up to 60°C, on demand up to 80°C

3. MLU-0900W(N) and MLU-1400W(N)
  • MLU, rare earth magnets
  • Closed, all-in-one design
  • Application temperature up to 60°C, on demand up to 80°C
Adhesion 300 to 1400 kp