Our permanent-magnetic slipping conveyors are particularly suitable for the transport of continuously occurring Fe chips at processing machines as well as the transport of Fe-Press, punching and finished parts to forming presses and punching machines.

The magnet systems circulating in the liquid-tight body are installed between two parallel chains under an antimagnetic slide plate.

These exert a strongly attractive force on the overlying Fe parts. Due to the movement of the magnet systems, the parts of this movement follow as far as the defined discharge point.

The continuous removal of the shavings avoids manual disposal and thus non-productive working time. Accident risks are reduced, cooling liquid is recovered.


Sophisticated and proven system
Maximum safety, since no moving parts in the outside
Transport material and all moving and driving elements are separated by the skid plate.
Closed system with internal magnetic systems


Other designs / dimensions for slipping conveyors on request


sku length (mm) width (mm) height (mm) angle of inclination conveyor width width of the magnetic tape transport speed
MRFS-1585x335x1030-ND-MW 1.585,0 335,0 1.030,0 60° 335,0 250,0 6m/min