Magnetic sweeper with release function. This easily accommodates metallic small parts such as screws, nails or chips from the workshop floor.
The magnetic brush is also suitable for exterior surfaces such as courtyard areas or parking lots.

Do not wait for the first accident!
Wherever metal parts such as chips, nails, screws or needles pose a risk to persons or tires, the magnetic brush ensures your safety.

The release function allows the metal particles to be drained easily at any location you desire.


Your advantages:

- Broom on a telescopically adjustable handle with ergonomically shaped handle - Back-friendly!

- Storage of the catch parts by lifting the magnet system on a handlebar.

- Wide broom: suitable for wider aisles, loading lamps, limited parking areas, etc.

sku weight (kg) length - Teleskop rod (cm) width - magnetic surface (cm) width - total (cm) adhesive force (N)*
Magnetbesen -02 8,0 114,0 76,0 91,0 200,0