Since the 1960s, MTK Magnet-Fabrik Solingen has been developing and manufacturing high-quality goods for nearly all major sectors, and for mechanical engineering and the food industry in particular.

Initial contact with the precast concrete industry in the late 1970s generated the idea for the magnet systems that are now an industry standard for fixing and securing formwork elements.

Following a 3-year test phase and support from relevant partners, such as Kaiser Omnia in Frankfurt, the first series-ready products - with an adhesive force of around 400 kPa and designed for the production of precast slabs - were launched on the market in the early 80s. In March 1982, the first magnet system for solid walls was supplied, with an adhesive force of 1,600 kPa. Thanks to the rapid development of rare earth metals, design options in relation to dimensions and performance have been enhanced significantly.

With over 30 years of experience in both the design and the production of precast concrete products and industrial goods, MTK is able to analyse customer needs precisely and implement these both technically and economically.

Today, the extensive expertise we have gained in the interplay of magnet fields with steel parts, together with an understanding of the effects of making design changes, is your guarantee for magnet products that are durable and high-quality in terms of both design and function.

Continuous improvements to the magnet materials currently known will also offer new and interesting approaches to solutions in the future.