High switchable formworksystem
  • Horizontal VA steel spring, firmness - 1300N, activating process tests - 60.000. Using a horizontal steel spring, torsion forces can betransferred directly
  • Magnetic body hanging unobstructed on all sides, no welded-on
    sheet metal for guidance. Lateral guidance is adopted by the steel
    spring which means there is no friction on the galvanically protected
    outer parts of the magnet and corrosion protection remains intact
  • Magnets of different sizes can be mounted without any changes to the
    box or the formwork
  • Steel spring offers additional stabilising functions to protect against
    deformation through tensile forces when activating the magnet
  • Long-term guarantee for positioning the magnet. No adjustments
    after dismounting the magnet necessary. Mistakes when mounting the
    magnet will not occur or are impossible
  • Less repair work
  • Activating mechanism from top (if desired, the magnet can be equipped
    with a foldaway knob for formwork heights of 130 mm upwards);
    side activating mechanism on request
We produce according to your specification.
Technical properties
  • Application temperatures up to 80°, up to 120°C on demand
  • Activated from top
If desired
  • Also available with foldaway activating mechanism from mould heights 130 mm upwards, or with side activating mechanism
  • Also available in PE