Permanent magnetic high-intensity filter bars are an effective, unproblematic
and cost-effective method of removing ferritic impurities from coolants, hydraulic fluids and lubricants, sliding emulsions etc. by means of filtration. They are used in both hydraulic machine and transmission production as well as in the coolant tank directly at the machine tool and are an important addition in hydraulic filters. Permanent magnetic highintensity filter bars are particularly suited to low flow volumes such as in pipe lines. Their service life is practically unlimited.The filter-effective diameter of the magnetic field is relative and dependent on the flow rate, turbulence and viscosity of the medium. Simply contact us if you require any advice. Designs

  • Standard: bright nickel-plated
  • Usage in aggressive media: Plastic-coated surface
  • Food industry: Also available in stainless steel

By request

  • Different diameters and designs
  • Designs specifically for aggressive media e.g. galvanic baths

BFIG , BFOG , BFV, BFZ, BF1 and BF2 series

d2 d3 l1 (mm) l2 (mm) Magnetic field Ø at 5 Oe (mm) Ø d1 pole division (f) mm SW (mm) Screw from
M 8 M 5 (f x n) + 3 30,0 90,0 15,0 15,0 11,0 M 20 R½"
M 8 M 5 (f x n) + 5 25,0 120/180 22,0 15,5/23,5 11,0 M 26 R¾"
M 8 M 8 (f x n) + 10 / 220/300 25,0 22,5 / M 30 R1"
M 10 M 8 (f x n) + 6 33,0 220/300 32,0 22,5/35 27,0 M 36 R1¼"