Magnetic hanging filters
Permanent magnetic grid inserts are a cost-efficient and effective filter
method for using directly in the coolant and cutting liquid tanks. They
comprise individual high-intensity filter bars that have been assembled
to create a kit. They have been designed such that a filter insert can be
created to fit any coolant tank perfectly with minimum effort and cost.
The complete magnetic grid kits comprise a head plate made of rigid
PVC, aluminium or VA, a chrome-plated handle and permanent magnetic
high-intensity filter bars.
To clean the filter grid, remove it from the coolant tank and wipe off the
contaminants adhering to the high-intensity filter bars. Once done, the
grid is ready for use again. A job only taking seconds to complete.
Please request an inquiry drawing and enter the dimensions there.
We will be more than happy to draw up a quotation on the basis of this inquiry drawing. For made-to-measure filter inserts, we will require
the following information:
  • Tank depth in mm
  • Outer tank width in mm
  • Inner tank width in mm
Download the request-chart here MEF series