The magnetic bath clamp is used for magnetically gripping iron parts that
have detached themselves in galvanic baths, hardening shops or staining
workshops from the suspension. The high adhesive force and the expansive
magnetic field draws workpieces even if these are not directly touching
the magnet. The spacer is made of non-magnetic material, so that the
bath clamp does not unintentionally stick to the side walls or base of the
iron basin walls. The sophisticated permanent magnetic material ensures
an almost unlimited functionality. Function:

  • For galvanisation, hardening and staining workshops
  • Max. operating temperature 400°C
sku weight (kg) recording diameter (mm) width B (mm) height H (mm) length L (mm) nominal force (daN)
BG-105 0.35 25,0 80,0 95,0 105,0 40,0