Anywhere in the precast concrete industry
Inclined column anchors are used
our magnet systems ensure
Stability, flexibility and security.

Our MTK RG magnet systems are suitable for the optimal fastening of inclined column anchors in the precast concrete industry and thus actually hold everything in place like an anchor.

Position the RG magnet systems exactly where you need them, regardless of whether at the table or directly at the table - our RG magnet systems are as flexible as you are



SAFE: The highest level of stability guarantees you absolute security. Because glue comes off, but our magnets stick!

STRONG: no more annoying slipping, with an adhesive force of approx. 70 kg everything stays where it should be.

FAST: just put on, screw on and pour. Finished!

CLEAN: no more gluing, welding or drilling necessary.  Annoying residues adé!

SAVE: you can contribute to the enviromental perception, because our magnetic systems are reusable.